Soap naming

Because people used to use in the Yellow River Basin acacia to wash clothes, and later to the Yangtze River will be no acacia trees, so they found another plant trees whose fruit with acacia performance like, you can do the laundry, but, more than that of acacia hypertrophy plump, so named her soap son, also called soap fruit. Lees verder...

In my opinion the origin of soap

According to historical records , the earliest soap recipe originated in Western Asia, Mesopotamia ( meaning " place where the two rivers in the middle " means between the Euphrates and Tigris ) . Around 3000 BC , when people put 1 part oil and 5 parts of a plant ash mixture made ??alkaline cleaners, many say Roman Gaul in the European legends about the origins of soap , whenever the festival will the suet ash and beech trees Jiaocheng viscous solution , applied to the hair , combed various hairstyles. Once, the festival suddenly encountered heavy rain, bad hair cream , people are surprised to discover that hair becomes clean. Another legend , the Romans in the ritual , the barbecue ash fall in cattle droplets , forming a " grease ball ." When women find laundry , soiled "Grease ball" is more washable clothes clean. All this shows that people with animal fat and ash ( alkaline ) soap has been used for thousands of years .

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what is soap?

Soaps are salts of fatty acids in general. Formula RCOOM, wherein RCOO is a fatty acid radical, M is a metal ion. Fatty acid soap daily typically 10-18 carbon atoms, a metal mainly alkali metal such as sodium or potassium, and is also useful for some organic bases such as ammonia, ethanolamine, triethanolamine soap made ? Lees verder...

The benefits of handwashing with soap

Hand washing is the cornerstone of public health, new health behaviors and public health services is a major factor in the late 19th century the rich countries of the rapid decline in infectious disease mortality. 
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The rise and fall and the evolution of foreign soap industry

Soap is an ancient detergent , which can be traced back to the birth of civilization Meng Buds, so far as the history of over 4000 years . There are excellent decontamination soap in soft water And washing performance.

There are good wetting and foam Xing , also feel good, and Unravel over long-term use , be sure to human safety. Few save the environment at risk dyed series . Therefore Since many centuries . Soap has been widely used, washing were employed by Huan connected Supplies, production increased year by year , product monopolize the market , in the blue 1980s four decades Generations, fifties, soap industry has experienced a long period of prosperity .     

But soap has its shortcomings, such as the whereabouts of the solution at low temperature meat sigh that shadow Its low-temperature impact strength Kyu dirt and calcium in hard water will mirror insoluble metal ions complexed Soap , not only a } 8 Άσ soap for washing and not wasted , and its Detergency also suspect decreased, thus affecting the washing results. Caused by the metal soap Shou bad fruit in the following areas :  

  ( 1 ) Ang is easily attached to the fabric washing soap , thus preventing the detergent into the Internal fabric , the fabric is difficult to wash off the dirt :     

( 2 ) adhesion of scum on the fabrics , causes yellowing of white fabrics dimmed , woven Matter fibers brittle and produce unpleasant odors. When electric dirt settle in the hair shampoo On , make hair dull gray eyes :    

 ( 3 ) stick commanded in the pool and hot tub four heir bamboo soap scum, must use alkaline detergent pieces Further cleaning, automatic washing machine slot deposited onto the wall of soap scum , will drain Had blocked ·